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December 02 2015


Customer�s instructions:

We have bean collect e-mails address from your future costumers inside our website utilizing a $30 discount coupon. Now we need to stara e-mail marketing strategy to own coupon. We have to write the ideal letter capture the brand new costumers. Is it possible to do this?
check please:

maid cleaning service
1- Sales Letter
2- www.vaptvuptjanitorial.com
3- House clean
4- Friendly
The letter is to use in your mailchimp e-mail campaign for costumers who signup our offer for $30 discount.
Please focus on:

Family Own small business and Operated, Same Faces continuously, friendly, hard workers, outstanding costumer service and professionals with over 16 years on hospitality experience License, Bounded and Insured, Great reputation, trained staff,

At VaptVupt, you get to choose us not for that $30 discount coupon that you get when you leave your email here. You get to choose us because you want the best with regards to cleaning services. Ours is really a family managed business and now we treat the other and also our customers as family. We guarantee good quality services to be sure that we ship to you true cleanliness for your satisfaction. For this reason our customers have trusted these past 16 years.
Our good quality services cover many aspects; namely: carpet cleaning, office cleaning, windows services and pressure washing. You can trust us together with your pets and also the environment. And perform it wherever you happen to be or whenever you need us.
Whether it�s a private residential home or possibly a huge commercial compound, count on us to find the done. We will do for you Top rated Carpet cleaning service. We will assure that the office projects your good image and provides your clients a favorable lasting impression. To your windows, we'll assign and also courteous professionals to clean them up. And when there is the need for pressure washing, you can be confident our experience and state-of-the-art equipment for difficult, deep, industrial and moving and out areas.
And we are pet friendly too. Your cats and dogs feel safe around. And we can easily talk to you fluently with English and when necessary in Spanish and Portuguese as well. Plus, we use methods and chemicals which might be government approved and environmentally safe. On top of that, we make house calls on schedule and gives you very competitive rates.

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